Bottling dates 2020.

Bottling dates 2020.

17 June 2020

Bottling dates 2020

From January 1 to January 12
From January 28 to February 10
From February 27 to March 12
From March 28 to April 11
From April 27 to May 10
From May 26 to June 9
From June 24 to July 9
From July 24 to August 7
From August 22 to September 6
From September 21 to October 5
From October 20 to November 3
From November 19 to December 3
From December 19 to December 31

New moon ▸ not recommended period for wine making
Crescent moon ▸ recommended period to get more sparkling wines
Full moon ▸ recommended period for all wine processes
Last quarter moon ▸ recommended period for ageing wines and sweet wines


Tips for bottling

  • Transfer and filter the wine to avoid unpleasant sediments in the bottle
  • Wash the bottles accurately with sanitizing products
  • Rinse the bottles with the same wine to bottle
  • Bottling during not windy and clear days
  • Use dark bottles for long ageing wines
  • Use sterilized and lubricated caps of high-quality cork
  • Let corked bottles vertically for a couple of days
  • Storage the bottles in horizontal position so that the wine enters in touch with the cork


Ideal months for sparkling wines

Ideal months for ageing wines

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